More About Me

Why Me?

I am here for and am committed to you and your goals. Getting to know you is key, knowing your wants and needs ahead of time are important as we spend quality time achieving your goals; your time is valuable! I believe in working together, through team work and an open dialog to achieve your home ownership goals. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, it's important to communicate through email, text or a phone call. Keeping communications open in essential.

About Me:

I have always had a genuine interest in marketing and sales. It is this interest that has driven me to Real Estate.
After receiving my Bachelors of Marketing degree I held a variety of positions pertaining to marketing and sales for some of the country’s top-market companies. However, after having two wonderful children I decided that it was time to put my creative talent to use at home. Being a homemaker for years, to my surprise, developed new strengths, and enriched those strengths that I already possessed. I use these strengths every day in the real estate world. They help me juggle all of the balls in a transaction successfully, and give me the calm and determined demeanor needed to put my clients at ease through the toughest real estate transactions.
I chose real estate after my children reached adult-hood because it gives me the opportunity to utilize all of my talents, and it gives me joy to experience the happiness of someone whom has just purchased their first home, introduced their newborn baby to their own special nursery, or moving to the next phase of their lives.
Let my team of support staff, title & escrow professionals, trusted mortgage advisor, and myself help you achieve your goals. Call me today!